In-Patient Information

The HTD Tropical and Infectious Diseases Unit is one of the most modern facilities available within the NHS for the treatment of Tropical and Infectious Diseases.

Admissions Information
When you attend the Hospital as a patient for the first time you may find much that seems strange, the purpose of this section is to introduce the Hospital routine. The Sister or Charge Nurse is responsible for your nursing care and general well-being. If you are in any difficulty please consult either the ward Sister/Charge Nurse or his or her deputy.

We hope your stay in this Hospital will be comfortable and you will soon be well again. If you plan to arrive by car, please note that there is no Hospital Car Park and no specific parking arrangements can be made. There is a reasonable amount of on street “pay and display” parking within the area of the Hospital, however, no guarantee of availability can be given.

We recommend that patients travel to HTD by public transport where possible - details here.

Things to Bring
Patients are asked to bring all Hospital cards in their possession, a note of their National Insurance Number and also: pyjamas or night-dress, dressing gown, slippers, a towel and toilet articles. As you might be up and about for some or most of your stay, we recommend that you also bring clothes for day wear.

Any medicines and tablets which you are taking at present should be brought with you and handed to the Ward Sister/Charge Nurse.

Money and Valuables
You will be provided with a bedside locker in which to keep personal belongings, but please do not bring any valuables or cash other than a small amount required for your personal use, i.e. telephone calls and the purchase of newspapers etc. The Hospital cannot accept any responsibility for any loss by patients.

The Hospital policy is for open visiting but friends and relatives are asked to cooperate with staff in this matter. To avoid overcrowding and reduce noise levels we ask that no more than two visitors be with a patient at any one time. Your visitors are also requested not to attend if they have been in contact with any infectious diseases or have colds, coughs or sore throats.

Hospital Routine
To allow for the treatment of patients and the smooth running of the Hospital, meals and ward rounds are usually at the same times each day.

Meals are served at the following times:

Breakfast 7.45am
Lunch 12.00 Midday
Tea 3.00 pm
Evening Meal 5.30 pm

Many of the meals are prepared in the Hospitals’ own kitchen on the Unit and patients with special dietary needs such as Kosher, Halal and Vegan are also well catered for. Patients are asked to speak to the Ward Sister/Charge Nurse regarding any special needs.

The Teaching of Students
The Hospital is a Teaching Hospital and patients are asked to cooperate in carrying out the Hospital’s duty to the community in the training of doctors and nurses. Normally this will involve the assignment of one or two students to the medical and nursing team that look after patients. Medical students may also accompany Consultants on their visits to the ward and the Consultants will discuss treatment regimens with the students. Occasionally patients are asked to cooperate in a more formal demonstration of their illness to a number of students and doctors. This is never done without the patient’s consent and agreement. Patients who have any questions regarding the teaching of students should speak to the Ward Sister/Charge Nurse or deputy.

In Conclusion
Whilst the Hospital and Staff seek to make every patient’s stay as comfortable as possible and to ensure that they receive the best possible service, we welcome any patient’s suggestions on how we can improve our service. Patients may either pass these on to the Ward Sister /Charge Nurse or may write to :

The Assistant Divisional Director
Infection Directorate
UCL Hospitals NHS Trust
250 Euston Road
London NW1 2PQ

If you need to contact the ward (T8): 020 3447 0800

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