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The Hospital for Tropical Diseases strives to maintain a close working relationship with GPs and primary care services. We have organised a series of regular educational seminars on travel and migrant health provide a forum for strengthening this relationship, both through RCPG and CCG educational events.

Our past events are listed below with links to presentations and other useful information.

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April 2021
Migrant health in primary care - a virtual lunchtime seminar
June 2020
June 2017
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July 2015
Bone and joint problems in migrants and travellers: infectious and non infectious problems and how to manage them
June 2015
Migrant Health Symposium, Munich, June 2015
June 2015
HIV and sexual health in migrants in primary care
March 2015
TB: how can London stem the tide?
January 2015
Delivering refugee and migrant healthcare in the UK
November 2014
Abnormal LFTs in Migrants and Travellers
September 2014
Travel health
July 2014
Optimal diagnosis and management of TB, HIV and chronic hepatitis in primary care - a workshop event
June 2014
Microbiology and antibiotics
March 2014
January 2014
November 2013
Mental health in travellers and migrants
September 2013
July 2013
Health management during Ramadan, Hajj travel and other mass gatherings
May 2013
Fever on return from abroad

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