Consultant Out-Patient Appointments & Clinical Advice

Requests for emergency admission or very urgent clinical attendance or advice on the management of a patient, should contact the University College London Hospital switchboard on 020 3456 7890 and ask to be put through to the on-call tropical medicine registrar (24 hour service).

The following are accepted as emergency or routine admissions:

  • Adult patients with proven or suspected tropical diseases
  • Adult patients with proven or suspected infectious diseases, whether or not they have travelled to the tropics
  • Adult patients for investigation of pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO), whether or not they have travelled to the tropics

We are happy to see any patient with a suspected tropical or infectious disease. Appointments are by GP referral only. Many of the hospital consultants hold the only dedicated NHS post in their field. These specialities include parasitology, Hansen’s disease (leprosy) and tropical dermatology amongst others.

Referrals can be made to named consultants or will be triaged to the most appropriate consultant.

All clinics are held in the Mortimer Market building and all physicians see general tropical medicine patients in addition to special interests.

Patients may be referred to be seen within 24 hours as emergencies. Patients who have returned from the tropics in the last six months and are unwell with fevers or bloody diarrhoea may refer themselves as emergency attenders during normal outpatient clinic times (9 am - 4 pm, weekdays) to HTD, Mortimer Market.

Out of hours (after 4 pm) or at weekends and/or bank holidays emergency attenders should go to A&E at:

UCL Hospitals
Corner of Gower Street and 235 Euston Road
London NW1 2BU

For clarification for adult and paediatric pathways, please click here.


Please note that our preferred method of receiving referrals is via NHS e-RS.

From 16th July all new routine referrals from GPs to Consultant-led outpatient services need to be referred via NHS e-Referrals. Referrals received outside of e-RS will not be processed but returned to the referring GP. This is in line with the National ‘Paper Switch Off’ Project. This is to ensure we are compliant with the NHS England 17 / 18 Contract.

Urgent referrals will be processed and a notification will be sent to the GP stating NHS e-RS is our preferred method of receiving referrals.

All referrals are reviewed by a clinician and if it is felt that a patient needs to be seen sooner than the appointment date booked, the appointment will be brought forward.

Clinic How to refer
Consultant clinic (tropical or infectious diseases); Post-Tropical Screening System: NHS e-RS (consultant clinic only)
Emergency tropical walk-in clinic This service is only for travellers who have returned from the tropics within the last six months who are recently unwell with conditions such as fever, bloody diarrhoea or rash. These individuals can self-present to our walk-in clinic without an appointment or referral.
Travel Clinic CommissionedService:
Private Service:
No referral required please call 020 3447 5999
RAID Please call switchboard on 020 3456 7890 and ask for the HTD registrar or email referral to
OPAT Please email:

Download the HTD Malaria Guidelines: pdf

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